Cell phones makers agree on charging standard

Cell phone manufacturers agree to a standard micro USB charger port.


Could it be that cell phone manufacturers are actually listening to their customers? Could it be that they're actually taking our deepest hopes and turning them into reality? Yes, Virginia, it appears they are.

As CNET'S reports, leading cell phone manufacturers finally are moving toward a standard cell phone charger and peripheral connector. This week the Open Mobile Terminal Platform agreed to standardize the use of micro USB connectors for all phone cables. The group said it hopes to make life easier for consumers and cut down on the the number of chargers and cables that people throw away when they switch phones.

While the move will certainly make life easier in the long run, it actually will create some complications in the short term. Though companies like Motorola have begun to adopt mini USB chargers as a standard, the OMTP apparently decided that wasn't good enough. There goes yet another charger in the trash.