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Care for your delicates with Delicair

The Delicair Laundry Basin uses air jets to gently wash your delicates.

Delicair Laundry Basin

Is there anyone in the country whose bedroom doesn't include a pile of delicates waiting to be hand washed?

Apparently not, if Aquatic Industries is to be believed. The company has introduced the Delicair Laundry Basin to provide relief for those of us with a deep aversion to hand-washing.

The Delicair basin looks remarkably similar to a standard utility sink, and its size is about the same. But its walls are lined with built-in air jets that "lift away dirt from the fabric with a gentle and effective bubble action," making quick work of washing your delicates. Features include a 30-minute timer, variable speed air blower, and an electronic control panel. The acrylic sink surface is available in two colors (white and biscuit--whatever that is) and the basin ships with a 10-year warranty.

Of course, such luxury is not cheap: the lowest pricing we could find online was $300. But it just might be worth it if you regularly invest in quality clothes that need a little extra care.

(Via Unplggd)