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Canon SLR teaser teases more

Canon is literally shedding more light on its upcoming SLR, the presumed successor to its lauded but now elderly full-frame EOS 5D, so the launch looks imminent.

Canon is gradually revealing more of what's most likely the successor to the EOS 5D SLR.
Canon is gradually revealing more of what's most likely the successor to the EOS 5D SLR. Canon

Canon has taken the art of the tease to a new level with its unveiling of what everyone expects to be a successor the full-frame EOS 5D SLR camera.

The faux moonlight in Canon's SLR a tease site is gradually illuminating more of the new model, an alert reader discovered, and he's right. Compare the screenshot above with the earlier version at the bottom of the post, which Canon ran when the SLR teaser campaign began earlier this month.

Of course, there's not much more to be discerned. (Surprise! It has an EOS logo!) But I think the new image shows more clearly that the camera, like the 5D, most likely lacks a pop-up flash. That's not a big surprise, given the expense, the likelihood that somebody buying a full-frame camera already have an external flash, and the space constraints imposed by a full-frame camera's larger pentaprism. Nevertheless, Nikon managed a pop-up flash for its lower-end full-frame SLR, the D700

Here's another tea-leaf reading from the ad about what many call the 5D Mark II. Presuming that Canon doesn't want to go too far by revealing the actual camera before the official announcement, they can't illuminate it much more without giving more serious information away, so I'm guessing the earlier rumor of a September 17 launch date looks reasonable. Of course, this is all timed for the Photokina show in Germany.

Canon's earlier SLR teaser. Canon