Canon PowerShot N100 rear camera makes every snap a selfie

The Canon PowerShot N100 makes every shot a selfie, packing two cameras for double the narcissism.

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Richard Trenholm
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Rihanna's at it, your mates on Facebook are at it, even Obama and the Pope are at it: 'selfie' was word of the year for 2013, and the new Canon PowerShot N100 makes every shot a selfie in 2014. Unveiled alongside the new PowerShot SX600 HS and IXUS 265, the N100 features not one but two cameras for double the self-absorption.

On the front is the usual camera, in this case a 12.1-megapixel snapper and 24mm wide angle lens with 5x optical zoom. And on the back is a 25mm lens so when you're holding the camera you can capture the action and your own reaction to the moment.

That second picture can then be inserted into the main photo. It's similar to the dual shot mode found in the Samsung Galaxy S4, which, like most smart phones nowadays, already packs a front-facing camera for video calls.

If that sounds too much like a sad indictment of the vanity of twenty-first century western culture, you can of course turn the second camera off and just use the N100 as normal. Other features on this follow-up to the dinky PowerShot N include NFC and Wi-Fi to share and back-up snaps via email, cloud storage or social networks. It has a 3-inch tilting touchscreen, optical image stabilisation and the usual myriad of special effects.

Also announced today is the PowerShot SX600 HS, an 18x super zoom, and the IXUS 265 HS compact with 12x zoom.

The Canon PowerShot N100 hits shops in May 2014 for around £349. In the meantime the PowerShot SX600 HS is available next month for £199, and the IXUS 265 from March for £179.

Is the N100's selfie-snapper a clever innovation or narcissistic nonsense? Give me a snapshot of your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.