Camera compensation: Cashback offers for spring

Spring has sprung, and cashback is in the air. Sony, Nikon, Canon and Ricoh are offering a range of cashback offers on assorted cameras

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Richard Trenholm

Cashback isn't just for Christmas, it's for the whole year round. Cashback offers on cameras are the new hotness, with manufacturers including Canon and Ricoh either extending existing offers or introducing new monetary rewards for buying their swag.

Buy a Ricoh R8 between 1 May and 12 June 2008 and you will receive £50. Very exciting. We like the R8 a lot, with its chunky retro looks backed up by loads of features and manual control.

Canon are offering an array of cashular compensation on EOS dSLRs and accessories. This ranges from £20 on a £300 macro ring light to £40 on assorted lenses. Buying a £350 EOS 400D -- body only -- will net you £45 back. The purchase of an EOS 40D body for £580 will put £100 back in your bank account, whereas a EOS 5D body will garner you a whopping £150 off the £1,200 asking price.

Nikon is offering £30 off a £290 D40 and lens or £45 off two lenses. Purchasing a £399 D60 will get you a return of £40 or £60, while £560 outlay on a D80 will net you a return of £50 or £75.

Sony has got in on the act with £150 cashback on the Alpha A700 dSLR, or £100 off the body. But be quick: the offer ends on 31 May.

Good luck, bargain hunters! -Rich Trenholm