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Camalapse simplifies time-lapse for phones, compact cameras

Despite sounding a bit like a dodgy medical condition, this compact camera companion could be the answer to your time-lapse troubles.

Ask someone about their Camalapse and you might be met with a slap, or a disapproving look at best. Despite sounding like an embarrassing medical condition however, this little chap could actually be the solution you've been looking for to help you fulfil all your amateur filming dreams.  

The Camalapse is a 360-degree rotating platform, on to which you can attach a digital camera or phone weighing up to 0.5kg. It's currently only on sale in the US, so will set you back around £45 -- including a hefty £29 for the P&P -- if you want one straight away.

Alternatively, you can wait for more UK stock to arrive, but there's no knowing when this might be, meaning if you're super keen to get your hands on one, it might be best to order from the States.

The Camalapse effectively works by using a similar mechanism to an egg timer. While holding the bottom of the cylindrical gizmo, you twist the top around to the desired degree, and the Camalapse will then spin your camera at a steady rate of four degrees per minute. Check out the video to see it in action.

At that speed, you’re able to capture some pretty stunning footage, especially when combined with an HD camera such as the robust GoPro Hero 2. Take a look at the Camalapse Facebook page for lots of super trendy videos of thought-provoking landscapes, accompanied by moody music, which should help inspire you.

There's no need to worry about this piece of kit occupying more than its fair share of space in your camera bag, as it's no heifer. It measures just 2 inches in height, 2.5 inches in width, and weighs a measly 60g.  

If your phone is your photographic weapon of choice, then there are a number of apps available such as iMotionHD for Apple devices, and Lapse It for Android that will help you fulfil your time-lapse ambitions.

The Camalapse turns roughly 90 degrees in 15 minutes, and will therefore complete a full 360-degree rotation in an hour. As you might expect, such simplicity means this technology has its limitations -- the fact you can’t alter the panning speed, for example. You'll have to shoot your blockbuster first and then fiddle around with it in post-production if you want to make these kind of adjustments.

If you don’t fancy filming your footage with a device that sounds like a bodily function, then you might also want to have a look at the Kickstarter project, the Radian. It's slightly fiddlier than the Camalapse however, as it requires programming from your smart phone before it can set to work.

Have you got time-lapse aspirations of your own? Or are you a seasoned expert with something to say about this cool piece of kit? Shoot your thoughts my way in the comments box, or develop them on our Facebook wall.