Buy two video games, get one free

If you don't mind used (but guaranteed to work) games, GameStop will give you three when you buy two. If your order totals at least $25, you can get free shipping as well.

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida
Buy two used console games, get a third free from GameStop. Rick Broida

It's the weekend, so why not stock up on some new games (well, new to you, anyway) for your Xbox, PS3, Wii, or other system? GameStop is offering a buy-two-get-one-free deal on used games for all consoles. Free shipping, too.

To take advantage of said deal, add three games to your cart, then apply coupon code B2G1FREE. After that, apply coupon code SAVER to get free shipping. (Sales tax may still apply.) Both coupons expire May 31.

You can mix and match on this: You don't have to stick with games for the same console. Thus, you could choose one game for Wii, another for Xbox 360, a third for Sony PSP, and so on. Obviously the freebie will be the one with the lowest price.

The good news is that all GameStop's used titles are guaranteed to work. The bad news is they're not guaranteed to come with a box or manual. What's more, many used games cost only a few bucks less than their new counterparts.

Of course, when you throw a free one into the mix, it all looks a lot more attractive. What do you think? Is this a deal worth jumping on, or are cash-conscious gamers better off with a subscription service like GameFly?