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Bring the outdoors inside with this stovetop smoker

The Nordic Ware Stovetop Kettle Smoker brings outdoor flavor into the kitchen.

The great outdoors in a kettle.
Kitchen Krafts

Cooking and eating outside is always a lot of fun and offers a flavor that just can't be beat. Sometimes, however, it's just not practical. Whether it's raining or you just can't get away, opportunities exist to at least capture the flavor of the great outdoors and bring it inside. While the big sky, green grass, and rolling hills won't be making an appearance inside your kitchen (thankfully), the essence of the outdoors can be captured with smoke.

The Nordic Ware Stovetop Kettle Smoker infuses great smoke flavor into meats, fish and vegetables all from the comfort of your kitchen. Wood chips are placed in the bottom of the pan, which release smoke as they heat up. A drip tray rests on top of the wood chips and can be filled up with liquid for steaming or left empty for dry smoking. A perforated food tray allows for smoke and heat to rise and penetrate your meal as it cooks. The high dome lid allows for cooking larger items, such as whole chickens.

When the temperature hits the recommended 200-220 degrees F (thermometer included), the heat can be controlled by either the vent on top of the unit or by manipulating the burner. Made of aluminized steel, the smoker works with gas, electric and even induction stovetops. With a coated nonstick interior, the stovetop smoker not only provides for that great outdoor smoky taste, but it also keeps cleanup considerably easy--perfect for bringing in the great outdoors without all the mess.