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Bring the deli into your kitchen

The Folding Food Slicer is a cost-effective and compact alternative to expensive deli sandwiches.

I'll have a ham on rye, please.
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Unless you have put in time working at a New York City deli, chances are your knife skills aren't up to task. Even if you have spent time slicing pastrami for the masses, the superthin cuts of lunch meat may still elude you. While hot pastrami tends to be cut on the thicker side, cold cuts definitely benefit from expert slicing. Thinly-sliced and piled high, the perfect sandwich all starts with well-cut meat.

The Folding Food Slicer allows you to get professional results right in your own kitchen. The rotary blade is adjustable and creates slices that are "paper thin": up to .625 of an inch. When not slicing your favorite meats into perfect sandwich-appropriate slices, the cutter folds for easy storage. Measuring 12.5 inches by 4 inches with a height of 8 inches when folded, the deli slicer won't take up a lot of room, helping you to finally get professional-style results without a trip to the deli.

The allure of this kitchen appliance is clearly the capability to cut thin slices of meat for sandwiches, but it also handles bread and vegetables. Passing on the prepackaged meats not only delivers better taste and quality, but it also saves money. The $59.95 countertop appliance makes it easy to pass up the line at the deli and just make those delicious sandwiches for yourself.