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Briefly: MacBook Air display fading soon to be fixed

Some of Apple's new MacBook Air systems have shown flickering and fading of the displays after waking from sleep, and Apple is apparently working on releasing a software fix to address the issue.

The new MacBook Air systems that were released in the past month continue to push the boundary of features packed into a thin enclosure, and the systems are getting many positive reviews as being the future of portable computing.

Despite the many positive aspects of the systems, as with any new release there will be some issues that will develop and need to be ironed out. One of these problems has been the computer's display repeatedly fading from dark to light after waking from sleep. Currently the fix for this has been to either restart the system or force the display to reset itself by closing the lid for 10-15 seconds and then reopening it.

AppleInsider is currently reporting that according to a leaked internal document from Apple, the company is aware of the problem where the display will fade in and out after waking from sleep, and is working on a solution. Apparently the problem will be addressed in an upcoming software update for the MacBook Air, though the document does not mention whether or not the update will be to OS X or to the firmware of the computers.

There are no specifics on whether this issue is the same as another where people have seen flashing lines of color on their displays after waking, but it is likely this is included. Here is a recent video of this problem.

While these problems have been reported in some systems, so far they do not seem to be widespread and in Apple Discussion threads that outline them, some people have commented that they have not experienced these problems at all.

The MacBook Air does push many boundaries, and there are bound to be some unforeseen issues like this that will crop up for some users, but Apple will likely address them quickly. This is especially true during the initial phases of its release where they will be readily accepting returns to help refine any errors in the manufacturing that may have been overlooked, so if you have a system that has any problems, take it back to the Apple Store and demonstrate it to them.

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