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Breakfast takes a trip to the dark side

Darth Vader toaster burns an evil image into your bread

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We've all learned by now that eating bread with hearty whole grains is healthier. It has more fiber and has more of the nutrients found in the unprocessed original ingredients, and if you ask me, it tastes much better too. That might have something to do with being raised on multigrain breads (it wasn't until my later day care years that I ate white bread). But enriched white bread makes a pretty tasty peanut butter and jelly, and some kids may need a little bit more persuasion in order to get their daily intake of whole grains.

Sure, you can stir a spoonful of wheat germ into their sugary breakfast cereal, but if you want to avoid straight-up deception, you can increase the fun factor of wheat bread by using this Darth Vader Toaster. The image-burning toaster has been around for a while, but I particularly like the Darth Vader version. The possibility have eating Darth Vader toast brings to mind a morning at the breakfast table filled with mechanical breathing and "I am your father" references. And anyone with a sense of humor knows that there's no better way to start your day than with a laugh.

The novelty toaster looks like it's straight from the movie, and you can use the force to change the settings and increase or decrease the dark side in your bread. It's not supposed to be released until January (sorry, Christmas gift-givers), but you can preorder it for $54.99 at the Star Wars shop.