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Breakfast and a show

What's breakfast with the morning news and a few tunes to help you get things going? The Ceramic Kitchen Radio is ideal for humming along with while you fry up bacon.

The Ceramic Kitchen Radio
Agata Norkroos

While I'm making my breakfast, I generally turn on the radio. I like hearing the morning traffic report, a little news, and some music to start my day--and the radio doesn't suck me in the way the television can. Options for a kitchen radio, however, seem pretty limited: you can drag in a clock radio or blast the news from your living-room sound system. But, if anything spills on your bedroom clock radio, clean up can be problematic--not to mention the fact that your radio might be ruined.

Agata Norkroos' Ceramic Kitchen Radio is kitchen chic, in stylish ceramic white.

There are no flashing lights or funky controls on the Ceramic Kitchen Radio. To tune the radio, you simply twist the lid, which doubles as the speaker. It's battery operated and has a handle for easy transport. Best of all, Norkroos designed the Ceramic Kitchen Radio to be easily cleanable in case of a mishap.

At this time, the Ceramic Kitchen Radio is available only in white, going along with its minimalist aesthetic. Norkroos, an Estonian artist, created the radio as part of her design studies.