Bottoms up! Lug heavy water bottles no more

Haier's Aqua Fontana is a cooler that lets you install water bottles at floor level, right-side-up.

Abbi Perets
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Abbi Perets

The water cooler is a standard fixture in many homes and offices. It provides an easily accessible supply of pure, clean water--until the jug is empty and someone has to replace it. You know the drill: you either con a friend into helping you lift and lower the jug into position, or you do it on your own and deal with the backache that inevitably results. And then you grab a mop and clean up the spilled water that's all over the floor.

Floor level installation and a unique right-side-up design make this cooler something to drink to. Haier America

Haier's Aqua Fontana could be the solution to your problems--well, at least your water cooler problems. This cooler uses an innovative right-side-up water-bottle design and patented suction technology that eliminates the hassles associated with installing water bottles in traditional water coolers.

Water bottles are installed at floor level, right side up, by simply sliding an open bottle into the bottom of the unit. The suction system does the rest, drawing the water up and out the spouts.

The low profile, Energy Star-certified unit is a smart choice for small spaces--it stands just under 41-inches tall, and its small footprint doesn't hog valuable floor space. It also features a safety lock on the hot water spigot, so you don't need to worry about Junior scalding himself.

If you like the convenience of a water cooler but couldn't figure out the logistics before, the Aqua Fontana is worth a look.