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Borrow Emeril's Bam!

Emeril Lagasse has created the BAM! Machine, a food processor that does just about everything you can think of.

The BAM! Machine Food Network

With the BAM! Machine from Emeril Lagasse, you can clean off your counters. This 3-in-1 food processor chops, blends, makes dough, emulsifies, juices, and takes care of a half dozen other tasks that you would otherwise need individual gadgets for. Using the food processor is just a matter of switching out blades and discs, and occasionally swapping the blender jar for the bowl. The base of the machine even includes a drawer for storing all those blades and discs, so they don't get lost in your kitchen.

The BAM! Machine is easy to take apart, as well as to clean. The base of the machine is the only part that isn't safe to run through the dishwasher. The base offers a two-speed control, as well as a pulse option. Both the food processor bowl and the blender jar offer more capacity than many other appliances: the food processor can hold up to 12 cups, and the blender can manage 40 ounces. The BAM! Machine also comes with a spatula to make scraping out the food processor after tasks like mixing up a batch of dough a lot easier. It also comes with several of Emeril's recipes. The BAM! Machine is priced at $149.95.