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Body Dryer air-dries you off, no towel necessary

A futuristic body-drying gadget goes in for crowdfunding with the goal of getting rid of towels once and for all.

Body Dryer illustrations
The Body Dryer concept image for the production units. Body Dryer

Some day, in the not-too-distant future, you may step out from the shower and stand on a platform that blows air up and around your body to dry you off. Meanwhile, towels sit in a museum somewhere, artifacts of a bygone era. It's not far-fetched when you see the Body Dryer.

The impetus for the Body Dryer came from considering the issue of bath towels and how they can contain bacteria. The resulting device is not too far off from the futuristic dryer used in "Blade Runner," except you don't have to stick your head in a bubble. All the action comes from below your feet.

The Body Dryer looks a little bit like a bathroom scale (the production model is even slated to have a scale built into it). You stand on it and it blows air upward to dry you off. You can choose between hot or cold air, depending on your mood. The sensation of using it is described as feeling like a gentle wind pushing against your body in a circular motion.

The Body Dryer isn't designed to dry your hair, so some people might still want to keep a towel or blow dryer handy. Think of as being like a body-size Dyson Airblade. It takes about 30 seconds to push the water off your body. The water is collected in the platform, where circulating air evaporates the moisture.

The Body Dryer team would love to see the device adopted by gyms and pools to reduce the amount of laundry. A backer has already mentioned its usefulness for people with disabilities who have a hard time using a towel.

A working prototype of the Body Dryer has been created. The Indiegogo campaign is aiming for a $50,000 funding goal. Early adopters can get in line for a machine for $125, with the regular pledge price set at $150. That's not crazy for a home appliance you could very well imagine showing up in the Hammacher Schlemmer or Brookstone catalogs. Your interest in buying a Body Dryer probably depends on how ready you are to kiss your bath towels goodbye.

Body Dryer prototype
The Body Dryer prototype. Body Dryer