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Bluetrek Sense: Touch-sensitive Bluetooth headset

Tired of heavy Bluetooth headsets that move out of place every time you press the answer key? Bluetrek might just have the answer

You may remember Crave had a gander a while back at a Sony Ericsson Bluetooth headset that looked much like a small smoking pipe. It's now months later and it seems like this riotous pipe headset craze isn't over just yet.

This petite wonder is called the Bluetrek Sense and aside from being small, weighing only 8g, and very comfortable to wear, it lets you answer calls by simply tapping the touch-sensitive section on the outside.

Now, you may be thinking, so what? Well, the majority of Bluetooth headsets require you to press or click a mechanical button and that involves some force, usually dislodging the headset's position in your ear.

By adding a touch-sensitive section on the outside of the Sense, Bluetrek has stumbled on the best hardware interface for a Bluetooth headset we have seen so far -- take note Jawbone, Jabra, Motorola and all you other headset manufacturers.

Call quality is relatively clear and battery life stands at about five days on standby and four hours talk time. This isn't massive, but then you won't be wearing it all day long unless you like to look like you're in the Secret Service.

You can pick up the Bluetrek Sense early next year for around £50.  -Andrew Lim