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BlueStar freestanding ranges offer plenty of choices

Choosing one of the 190 different available colors might be the easy part.

48-inch BlueStar Residential Nova Burner BlueStar

Every home kitchen is different, and every home cook appreciates options. When kitchen appliance makers cater to choice while providing quality results, home cooks everywhere are free to perfect their craft without fear of unnecessary equipment failure. The first place to start in any kitchen is the oven. BlueStar Freestanding Ranges offer a multitude of options, while providing features that are designed to provide performance.

The freestanding ovens come in four categories, which can be broken down into three convection models and one standard oven. The Nova Burner models feature convection ranges, while the Culinary Series uses a more conventional standard oven.

If you're in the market for a high-powered stovetop, you will want to gravitate toward the Nova Burner ranges. While all of freestanding ranges are gas operated and have 18,000 Btu burners, the Nova Burner ranges offer a separate burner capable of up to 22,000 Btu.

All of the models come in a variety of sizes, but the Nova Burner ranges offer several additional options with the Nova Burner Heritage Classic and the Nova Burner French Top. The former offers a professional-style raised griddle broiler, while the French Top comes with a removable stainless steel plate with variable heat zones capable of a temperature range of 220 degrees to 850 degrees. Both of these extra features provide for much needed versatility in the kitchen.

One final note, for those who appreciate all these choices; It should be mentioned that the Nova Burner ranges are available in 190 different colors.