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Blender and chopper just go together

The Hamilton Beach Wave Power Blender and Chopper uses one base unit and two attachments to achieve different results.

Easily switch between chopping and blending tasks.
Easily switch between chopping and blending tasks.
Hamilton Beach

Combining one appliance with another has always been a way to add convenience and value (not to mention sales numbers) to the kitchen. Some of these combinations are either far-fetched or only useful for a select few. (Toaster/egg-maker anybody?) However, some of these combinations just make sense. When one oft-used appliance uses the same basic mechanism as another, it doesn't take a stretch of the imagination to see the two put together. In fact, for some combinations, it is becoming hard to imagine them ever not belonging together.

The Hamilton Beach Wave Power Blender and Chopper uses one base unit to achieve different results. Two separate attachments provide the utility to use the appliance as either a traditional blender or as a quick-to-use 3-cup food chopper. The blender jar portion of the appliance features a 6-cup heat resistant glass jar. When used in tandem, they provide prep work for everything from soup to (chopped) nuts.

Most people have at one time or another tried to use their blender as a food chopper with varying degrees of success. Forcing the action probably isn't the best way to ensure consistent results in the kitchen. With this one appliance, home cooks can get the results they need quickly and easily without taking up precious extra counter space--which, of course, might just be the most useful feature of all.