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Big stand mixer for big batches of cookies

The KitchenAid 7-quart stand mixer features an oversize work bowl. The distinctive styling includes a bowl lift and heavy-duty metal knobs.

Make enough cookies to go around--twice.
Make enough cookies to go around--twice.

Some kitchen appliances just can't stand up to the rigors of...the kitchen. To be fair, it's is not always plastic parts or shoddy manufacturing that causes these breakdowns; sometimes it is just a matter of pushing an appliance past its limits. Anybody who has ever tried to use a blender as a food processor understands this. The right tool for the job can make all the difference in the world--especially when in need of big batches.

The KitchenAid 7-quart stand mixer is a workhorse for the kitchen. Literally. Featuring a 1.3-horsepower motor and an oversize work bowl, the 25-pound machine is meant for everything from easy mixing to heavy-duty applications. Complete with metal finishing touches and a die-cast zinc housing, the high-performance machine is meant to take a beating as well as dole one out--thanks to its myriad assortment of attachments.

Shipped with a wire whip, a flat beater and a dough hook, the stand mixer supplies enough to get started making bread, cookies, and whatnot to feed a crowd--and when it is time to expand the options, the well-known line of KitchenAid attachments will work. Handy features like a bowl lift and quiet operation ensure that even though the machine is designed for big batches, it will still stay strong for the little everyday stuff, too.