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Big fridge thinks 12 ounces at a time

The refrigerator, as the behemoth of the kitchen, doesn't always get the little things right, especially when all you want is a cold beer. This new fridge looks to change that.

Forgot to cool down the drinks? This cool fridge has your back.
Forgot to cool down the drinks? This cool fridge has your back.

It's not really fair to blame the refrigerator when you forget to chill down canned and bottled beverages. After all, with a little forethought and regular trips to the store, the fridge could be perpetually stocked with a rotating selection of refreshing adult drinks. Knowing that this isn't exactly very likely, this new fridge steps in to take the heat.

The new LG LFX31935ST Super-Capacity 3 Door French Door Refrigerator with Blast Chiller supplies a host of features that would make an impressive addition to most any kitchen. The three-door fridge has a 31-cubic-foot capacity and multiple drawers and shelves to make appropriate food organization easy. But the biggest storage feature isn't the humidity-adjustable crisper drawers or the full-width easy-access gliding shelf.

Tucked away into the lower right of the fridge is a blast chiller designed to cool down beverages in as little as 5 minutes. Capable of holding two cans or one bottle of wine, the specialized drawer adds a unique fold to an appliance that is so often taken for granted. And for those times when regular chilling will suffice, the fridge does come with a handy tall ice and water dispenser.

The LG LFX31935ST was shown at CES 2012 and is now available for purchase.