Better than a bread box

The Fresh Box is a modernized bread box, able to keep bread and other baked good fresh for so much longer.

Thursday Bram
Thursday Bram is a freelance journalist of over five years experience. She has worked in real estate and property management, learning the hard way the difference between the appliances that people like and the appliances that actually work in a home. Thursday currently lives in Maryland.
Thursday Bram
The Fresh Box Fresh Finds

I find it impossible to eat an entire cake before it goes stale. While that might be a good thing for my waistline, I'd like it if my cake lasted for just a few more slices. I've tried careful wrapping, cake keepers and more, but none of them really extended a cake's life. The Fresh Box, however, can add days to the time that I have to eat that whole cake. When you put a cake, loaf of bread or even fruit into the Fresh Box, it uses a vacuum pump to remove air from the box. The automatic pump eliminates moisture, as well, keeping food fresh.

It takes about two minutes for the Fresh Box to create a vacuum seal. The box is available in three sizes: the Large, Personal, and Round Fresh Boxes range in price from $49.95 to $59.95. All three use an AC adapter, but the large box also can operate on four D batteries. Both the large and round boxes have removable, dishwasher-safe trays. While the Fresh Box is an ideal option for anyone who does a lot of baking, I'd also recommend it if you only have one or two people eating in your home. It can extend the life of those loaves of bread and other food that never seems to get finished.