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Best Buy kicks off Microsoft Surface Pro 3 preorders

You can now order the upcoming tablet from Best Buy as well as from Microsoft.

Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Anyone who wants to snag Microsoft's upcoming Surface Pro 3 tablet can now purchase one through Best Buy.

The retailer's website shows the latest Surface as available for preorder. Microsoft began selling the Surface Pro 3 on Wednesday and mentioned that preorders would pop up at some third-party retailers as well.

Although you can preorder the tablet now, your wait will depend on which of the five editions you choose. Go for the 128GB or 256GB Core i5 model, and the tablet will ship by June 20. Opt for the 64GB i3 version or either of the i7 flavors, and your unit won't ship until August 31.

Best Buy also has the new Surface Pro Type Cover for preorder with a price of $130 and a ship date of June 20.

Best Buy is selling the Surface Pro 3 models at the same prices as Microsoft though with the ever-pesky 99 cents tacked on. Below are Best Buy's prices and release dates for the tablet:

  • 64GB i3 Surface Pro 3 - $799.99 for August 31
  • 128GB i5 Surface Pro 3 - $999.99 for June 20
  • 256GB i5 Surface Pro 3 - $1,299.99 for June 20
  • 256GB i7 Surface Pro 3 - $1,549.99 for August 31
  • 512GB i7 Surface Pro 3 - $1,949.99 for August 31

Best Buy will send you the tablet for free via standard shipping, which takes four to eight business days. Kicking in $12 for expedited shipping guarantees arrival in three business days, and the $22 express shipping shoots the product to you in two business days.