Best all-in-one desktop computers: Top deals in the UK

Looking for the best all-in-one desktops on the market? Here we've gathered together our current favourites across a range of prices.

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Niall Magennis
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All-in-one PCs have changed over the last few years. They were once just PCs bolted onto the back of monitors, and nowadays we have a choice of stylish designs that will look great in any home.

What’s more, the traditional all-in-one designs are giving way to a whole range of new desktop/tablet hybrids that can be used as a mega-tablet as well as a desktop computer. Here we've gathered together our current favourite all-in-one PCs across a range of prices.

Apple iMac (27-inch, September 2013)

Externally the new iMac doesn't look any different to last year's model, but under the hood plenty has changed. Inside there's a new Intel Haswell chip, 802.11ac wireless support, a faster SSD hard drive and a new beefier Nvidia GPU. The design is still gorgeous, as there's a notable lack of bulk for a high-powered 27-inch all-in-one. The keyboard is top-notch too and the LED-backlit screen with its 2,560x1,440-pixel resolution is one of the best you'll find on an all-in-one computer. This is a really great machine.

Buy it for £1,599 at the Apple Store and read the full Apple iMac review on CNET.com.

Dell XPS 18

The XPS 18 is a hybrid of the all-in-one desktop and the large-format tablet. Essentially it's an all-in-one PC with a built-in battery. This means you can either detach it from its included stand and wander around with it from room to room, or you can keep it docked, in which case it's virtually indistinguishable from other AIO systems. With edge-to-edge glass over the entire display, the system has a clean, sophisticated look and its Intel i5 processor has enough grunt to easily handle day-to-day tasks. It's perhaps a little pricey, given that it doesn't use a high-end processor or GPU, but it's still an excellent hybrid.

Buy it for £999 from Dell and read the full Dell XPS 18 review on CNET.com.

HP Envy Rove 20

This is a big-screen all-in-one desktop PC that includes a battery so it can be carried around for use in different rooms in your home -- like the Dell XPS 18. It keeps the price down by using a low end, fourth-generation Intel Core i3 processor and restricting the 20-inch display to a middling 1,600x900-pixel resolution. Even with these specs however, it's plenty good enough for day-to-day computing and many will appreciate its much more affordable price tag compared to most of its rivals.

Buy it for £900 from PC World and read the full HP Envy Rove 20 review on CNET.com.

Samsung Series 7 All-in-one

Thanks to its polished appearance, which includes a great looking swooping stand for the display, Samsung's Series 7 looks better than most all-in-ones. While some may bemoan the fact that it only has a dual-core version of Intel's Core i5 and 6GB of RAM rather than 8GB, we think its classy design and responsive touchscreen somewhat cancel out these shortcomings. So while it isn't the fastest, or the most fully featured midrange all-in-one around, casual PC users will find it offers a top-notch Windows 8 touch experience at an affordable price.

Buy it for £900 from Currys and read the full Samsung Series 7 All-in-one review on CNET.com.

Asus Transformer AIO

The Asus Transformer AIO is another hybrid tablet device, but this time it has a twist in the tail. Like other hybrid all-in-one mega-tablets, it runs Windows 8 via an Intel Core i5 processor when it's perched in its stand. When it's lifted out of its stand it leaves the PC part behind, and runs the Android operating system on the screen's built-in Nvidia Tegra 3 chip. Cleverly, you can actually remotely connect back to the PC bit that's integrated into the stand from within Android if you need. There are some quirks to deal with, but on the whole Asus has created a compelling Windows 8/Android device with the Transformer AIO.

Buy it for £1,129 from Very and read the full Asus Transformer AIO review on CNET.com.