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BenQ DC-T700: Cutting it thin

The BenQ DC-T700 is svelte, slender and pretty. In fact, the touchscreen is the only big thing about it -- everything else is slim and trim, even the price

Say hello to our little friend: the BenQ DC-T700. It's one of the thinnest cameras we've had our clammy hands on here at Crave Towers. It may be very similar to the Pentax Optio T30 -- right down to the lens -- but the DC-T700 is svelte and pretty.

BenQ has claimed that the DC-T700 is "the world slimmest 3-inch touch screen camera", which we think is endearingly specific (next it'll be saying this is "the world's slimmest camera with the words DC-T700 written on the front"). The DC-T700 is delightfully slender at just 15mm thin, and only slightly wider at the Pentax Sliding Lens ring.

At the back, the large 76mm (3-inch) touchscreen allows for a gloriously minimalist layout. There's menu and playback buttons and a 3x zoom rocker, and that's it. You can get it in black, red, white or silver. Ours is silver, but we like the red one best. We also like the metallic fin running around the side of the camera.

Continuing the minimal theme, there's a paltry 12MB internal memory, and features are a tad thin on the ground. But it looks nice, it's good value at £150, the touchscreen is neat and it fits in the pocket of the skinniest skinny jeans. A full review is on its way. -Rich Trenholm

Update: A full review of the BenQ DC-T700 is now live.