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Batch forward emails with Multi Forward for Gmail

Need to forward a bunch of emails? This Chrome extension lets you perform such a maneuver with ease and alacrity.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

We could all use a little help, I would imagine, with keeping up with our email inbox. If you use Gmail and frequently or even occasionally find yourself with the need to forward a bunch of emails, you don't need to forward them one by one. Grab the Multi Forward for Gmail Chrome extension and you can select a group of emails to forward at once.

When the extension installs, it places a button to the right of Chrome's URL bar. Click on it to authorize the app and you can forget about this button and use the button that the extension installs in Gmail itself.

To forward a bunch of emails at once, just click to select the emails you want to forward and then click the forward button that Multi Forward installed next to the trash button. A dialog window will appear where you can enter the addresses of your recipients. After clicking the Multi-Forward button, you need only to wait a beat until the dialog window informs you that your emails have been forwarded.

In other Chrome extensions for Gmail news, Dmail lets you send self-destructing emails.

(Via Lifehacker)