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Barbecue with built-in skewers

The BarbeSkew is a grill with built-in skewers that lets you cook with both the best grilling and rotisserie techniques.

The BarbeSkew

Leave something on the grill just a little while longer than you should and you'll get the experience of trying to eat a charred mess. The BarbeSkew reduces the risk of burning dinner by incorporating a rotisserie system: you slide dinner on to seven skewers that then slip into the rotisserie right over the fire. From there, your dinner rotates, providing even cooking over charcoal or gas heat. Along with the skewers, the BarbeSkew comes with two cage skewers that also fit into the rotisserie system. The cages can hold sausages, burgers and other foods that don't cook particularly well--and your food will still get the benefits of cooking rotisserie-style. With the BarbeSkew, you'll also get a large chicken skewer.

The BarbeSkew rotates the rotisserie automatically: if you're planning to take the grill on a trip away from an electrical outlet, you'll need a few batteries. The grill is 48 inches tall, 58 inches long, and 25 inches wide. It is also available in a smaller model, the BarbeSkew II. That model doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the larger version--it comes with fewer skewers, for one thing--but it can be more practical for smaller events or taking the grill to another location.