Bake cookies like a pro

If you're planning on cranking out plenty of cookies for the holidays, the Wilton Cookie Press Pro Ultra 2 will come in handy.

Thursday Bram
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Thursday Bram
The Wilton Cookie Press Pro Ultra 2 can make 16 different cookie designs. Sur la Table

I bake up a storm for the holidays. While I don't give out too many presents, I do make up a plate of cookies for just about everyone I know. That translates into quite a few cookies. One of the best tools for making cookies in quantities is a cookie press.

One such press is the Wilton Cookie Press Pro Ultra 2. Rather that trying to roll and cut dozens of cookies, you can just load your cookie dough into the press and shoot out as many cookies as you want.

The Wilton Cookie Press Pro Ultra 2 is a particularly useful cookie press for several reasons. It's designed with a soft-grip trigger, reducing the effort required to press cookies. It's also lightweight and easy to use, with a nonslip bottom that will keep the press from wobbling on your cookie sheet. While it might not be the same as using a cookie cutter, even small children can participate in the cookie-making process. Additionally, the Wilton Cookie Press Pro Ultra 2 comes with 16 decorative disks; that's 16 different cookie designs you can make with one tool. It's available through Sur la Table and priced at $25.