Bake beautiful Scottish shortbread

The Shortbread Pan adds designs that makes the appearance of your shortbread as attractive as the taste.

Thursday Bram
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Thursday Bram

The Shortbread Pan Lee Valley & Veritas

Scottish shortbread can be incredibly decadent: considering the amount of sugar and butter the recipe calls for, that's no surprise. But just making up a batch of shortbread can leave you a plain cookie. The Shortbread Pan offers the opportunity to make your shortbread stand out. It imprints a traditional design of Scottish thistles, as well as dividing lines that make your finished shortbread easy to break up. The mold is made from fired, nonporous ceramic that can bake shortbread without any worry of the cookie sticking to the pan. While many shortbread recipes call for oiling a pan before baking, it's possible to use the Shortbread Pan without extra grease. When you're done baking, you can turn it over and drop the shortbread on a plate.

The Shortbread Pan is approximately 8 inches in diameter and .5 inch deep, plenty large enough if you plan to share your shortbread with friends, but not so much that you'll be in big trouble if you decide not to share. You will need to clean the pan by hand, although it's easy to do so considering the shortbread won't stick to it. It's a sturdy piece of cookware, so if you need to tap it to get a batch of shortbread to release from the pan, you don't need to worry about breaking it. The Shortbread Pan costs $36.50.