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Bacon Floss!

Is there nothing bacon can't do? Bacon flavor finds its way into floss.

Brian Krepshaw
Brian is the author of two culinary based books published via his imprint Storkburger Press. A lifelong Californian, he has been consistently exposed to some of the best food in the world. With a deep appreciation for the kitchen, he is always on the lookout for that perfect appliance that combines style and grace with the ever-popular ability to save time.
Brian Krepshaw
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Is there nothing bacon can't do? Archie McPhee

When it comes right down to it, people simply don't floss enough to please dentists. I've convinced myself it's the true reason people put off going to see one. I know it is so in my case. Forget the drill, the shots or the uncomfortable scraping. No, it's something more. It's the look. That dentist look. You know the one. It's the same devastating look you got when you were a kid and your parents said they weren't mad at you--they were disappointed. No matter how often I floss, I always get reprimanded by the dentist for not flossing enough. Pangs of guilt cascade inside me as I wrestle with the inevitable conclusion that I let my dentist down.

Well, never again will I suffer that shame from a dental professional. Not as long as Archie McPhee keeps making Bacon Floss. The king of novelty toys and gifts has bestowed upon us a sure-fire way to get everybody to floss their teeth.

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess that 4 out of 5 dentists would recommend this. As there always seems to be one leftover dentist, I'm going to assume said dentist lacks a well-cultivated sense of humor. In fact, as far as I can tell, the dissenting dentist is probably my dentist. However, my parents did seem to each gain a sense of humor after I moved out, so perhaps there is hope for all dentist/patient relationships out there.

Archie McPhee is here to help. Having actually been to their retail location in Seattle, I can personally attest to the fact that they are here to put a smile on your face. And now they even want to make that smile beautiful.

Via Boing Boing via Nerd Approved via OhGizmo!