Avoid wallet-busting breakfasts

Microwave sandwich maker cooks up egg and bacon sandwiches in a hurry, saving you money and time.

Make my egg muffin a double, please.
The economy is in the doldrums, and for many of us, this means working earlier mornings and later nights. I'm not the type to miss out on breakfast or on beauty sleep, so that means that I've been eating more and more fast meals on my way to work. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like the increase in meals eaten out has defeated the purpose of earning more money in the first place. It certainly hasn't done much for my health.

But, when it boils down to it, we have to eat, and there aren't always enough hours in the day for a hearty, sit-down breakfast.

So, in an attempt to pinch my pennies and curb the recent spike of junk food in my diet, I'm setting out to find gadgets that can make the morning rush a little bit healthier and a lot closer to home.

Take, for instance, this Progressive International Microwavable Breakfast Sandwich Maker. It makes two eggs plus two slices of bacon or sausage in your microwave while your bread of choice is toasting, so you can be free to throw on your professional attire. When you leave, you can take comfort in not having to swing by the local deli, which is usually crowded, sometimes pricey, and almost always too generous with the cheese.

You can make your eggs fried or scrambled, since the sandwich maker has an integrated egg-cracker (which also means that you save water on washing an extra bowl), and they can be easily removed with the nifty egg lifters. If you want to really bank on the health savings you can cook up some less-fattening turkey or tempeh bacon.

You can find the microwave sandwich maker on Amazon for under $10, which by my last count is about three of the less healthy counterparts that you could buy down the street. It'll save you money, time, and possibly an extra trip to the doctor. That's what I call a "win, win, win" situation.