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Audyssey Bluetooth speakers blast bass, take up little space

Audyssey's new speakers boast Bluetooth connectivity and 'passive bass radiators', in case your passive bass gets chilly.

Established brands such as Sonos and Bose have been producing wireless speakers for donkeys' years, but relative newcomer Audyssey has popped up with a Bluetooth-powered pair of dinky desk dwellers, designed to take on the pitch-perfect big boys.

These creatively named 'Wireless Speakers' are a Bluetooth version of Audyssey's impressive Media Speakers, launched this time last year. They're pretty similar, aside from slight aesthetic touches and, er, the obvious lack of wires. Check out the video for a brief overview.

At the moment, they're only up for grabs in the US, where you'll be handing over $300 -- £190 at the current exchange rate -- for a wire-free listening experience. That's a hefty $50 more than the wired Media Speakers.  

So how does the Bluetooth fare? According to our colleagues across the pond, the speakers are very impressive indeed, and much better than their single-speaker competitors. The playback is extremely fast compared with the comparative lag you get with AirPlay, and can stream audio from any Bluetooth enabled device -- unlike Audyssey's Audio Dock Air, which is only able to stream from Apple devices. 

As for the design, this compact duo stand just 23cm tall, by 13cm wide, by 18cm deep, so you're not going to have to move your desk around too much to cater for them.

On the other hand, their petite proportions mean the sound is a bit lost in a spacious environment, so don't be bringing them along to any underground warehouse parties, or you'll be sent packing on your fixie bike.  

Audyssey claims its Dynamic EQ makes "continuous adjustments to account for the way humans hear at different volume levels", while its interestingly named '4-inch passive bass radiators' built into each speaker ''redefine low-frequency reproduction'' -- while presumably warming the cockles of your bass-loving heart.

If you're looking for something with a bit more presence, it might be worth considering the Spinnaker from Edifier -- even if it looks like it was crafted by Lucifer himself. This bit of kit will set you back a hefty £330, but that money goes towards impressive sound quality from this desktop duo.

At the other end of the financial spectrum you can findLogitech's Mini Boombox for around £40. This is a reliable little bit of kit, but it's not going to get close to the quality or depth of sound that Audyssey or Edifier can offer.

Feel like treating your ears to some new Bluetooth audio gadgetry, or stick hard and fast to the wires you know and love? Let me know what you think in our comments box, or on our Facebook page.