Asus debuts new Chrome OS tablet, Chromebooks geared toward the classroom

The Chrome OS devices come in the form of tablets, convertibles and traditional laptops.

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Asus' new devices come in different shapes and sizes.


On Thursday, Asus debuted its Chromebook Education series, a range of different Chrome OS devices designed for use in the classroom.

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Specs of the Asus Chromebooks and convertible.


The announcement covered the Asus Chromebook C204 and Asus Chromebook C403 (both clamshell laptops), the Asus Chromebook Flip C214 convertible and Asus Chromebook Tablet CT100. While Asus has released several Chromebooks in the past (like the previous Asus Chromebook Flip and Asus Chromebook C523) the CT100 is the company's first Chrome OS tablet.

The tablet has a scratch-resistant screen, a Hexa-core OP1 processor, 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. Asus says the 35Wh lithium-polymer battery is enough to last the full school day, and it charges via USB-C port. Asus markets it as an intro device for younger kids.

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The devices' sizes range from the 9.7-inch CT100 tablet and 11.6-inch C204 laptop to the 14-inch C403 and C214 convertible. But since they're all designed for education, Asus says they're no bigger than a textbook and can fit into a backpack. They're also built tough to withstand bumps, and the Chromebooks have spill-resistant keyboards.

There's no exact release date for these devices yet. Asus says that they will be available in the coming months, and prices will be revealed at launch.

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