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ASRock's M8 gaming PC designed by BMW Group

The BMW Group's DesignworksUSA has put together a rather impressive looking small form factor gaming PC.

DesignworksUSA, the creative consultancy of the BMW Group, is no stranger to PC tech, having previously tried its hand at both a mouse and a desktop system for Thermaltake.

The M8 with the A-Command at the front. (Credit: DesignworksUSA)

This year it's partnered with ASRock for the M8, "an ultra compact gaming tower" designed to work either standing up or lying down.

(Credit: DesignworksUSA)

There's not much information about what the M8 has going on inside, but externally the case is designed with clear panels to show off the motherboard.

The front control knob is actually an OLED screen called the A-Command, allowing for visual information on things like internal heat, power usage, even date and time. As a control, it can take adjust both volume and fan speed, apparently.

More information on the M8 (which we assume is the 'em-eight' as opposed to the more Aussie-sounding 'mate'), should be revealed during Computex, which kicks off this week in Taipei. You can follow all our coverage of the show here.

(Credit: DesignworksUSA)