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Are you ready for some tailgating?

The Cuisinart CCG-400 Charcoal Grill-On-The-Go combines two popular tailgating accessories into one package. The grill/cooler combination offers an all in one solution for grilling on the go.

Get ready for tailgating season.
Get ready for tailgating season.
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Fall may or may not be in the air in the part of the country where you happen to live, but another aspect of the season is definitely live no matter where you call home: football. From back yards to parks to stadium parking lots, the oddly shaped ball is being tossed back and forth, and the players are sure to be working up an appetite. Luckily, there is one thing (well, in addition to beer) that is the perfect accompaniment to football games everywhere. I speak of course, of tailgating.

If you are ready for some tailgating, the Cuisinart CCG-400 Charcoal Grill-On-The-Go wants to be invited. Featuring an all-in-one approach that brings together food, football and beer, the package contains a portable grill and a 12-pack cooler, which both fit into an easy-to-carry storage tote.

The grill folds down to 2 inches wide and stores in a side pocket of the tote. With 165 square inches of cooking space, the charcoal grill claims to offer room for eight large burgers at once, but if this parking-lot-friendly grill is to be put to use feeding football fans, your results may vary. Considering it boasts a variety of interior and exterior pockets meant to hold everything from food to cooking tools, the portable grill/cooler combination may just find itself put to use, even if it doesn't happen to be a Sunday.