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Are you Here's how to travel connected

If you spend more time in airports than you do at your desk take a look at -- a Web site for global jetsetters

Are you a gadget-toting road warrior who surfs the world's airports like a techno James Bond, flying into Seoul and then on to Karachi clutching your elegantly engraved BlackBerry Pearl? Then you should definitely check out, a new Web site recently launched by CNET Networks. allows global jetsetters to share information about where you can grab a decent Wi-Fi network connection, as well as any other useful information that travellers might need as they high-tech their way around the world's travel hubs.

The site helps business travellers connect to the Internet as well as find places to recharge their personal devices while travelling through the world's commercial airports. It does this by letting travellers post useful information as free text, as well as rate locations according to certain criteria. Each location is given an aggregate rating from all user posts and the most useful posts are given prominence through's unique ranking system.

You can find any airport in the world on the database, searching for airports by country, by IATA code or by a free search. Then simply enter in your comments on the quality of the Wi-Fi by the book store in that North American hub, or the best place to get connected in Bangkok airport, and enjoy the collective wisdom of your laptop-packing peers.

It's free, it's live and it's actually quite good fun, so make a hassled road-warrior's holiday flight home just that little bit easier this Christmas by sharing your tech insight online at -MP