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Arcticor Cooler keeps drinks cool inside and out

The Arcticor Cooler integrates cup holders directly into the body of the ice chest, and ice from inside the cooler keeps drinks in the cup holders cold.

Forget coozies, the Arcticor Cooler will keep those drinks cold.
Forget coozies, the Arcticor Cooler will keep those drinks cold.

Timing, as they say, is everything. But that's not entirely true since "everything" is rather all-encompassing. Take for example, trying to sell a new ice cooler in the middle of winter. At first blush, the oft-repeated idiom might make sense. Then it comes time to consider the future. It will get warm again. And a cold beer (or soda) sure would be nice then. What was that about being able to sell ice to an Eskimo?

The Arcticor Cooler is a current Kickstarter project that is nearing its funding goal. While much of the country is gripped in a deep freeze, Jay Perry, a Floridian, is hoping his ice chest makes it through the winter. But unlike that slush that collects at the bottom of an ice chest, his invention has a lasting appeal. In fact, it's exactly in that slushy soup where Perry found potential.

A cool drink goes with a hot day. That is, any chill goes away when the can or bottle is out in the sun. Countering this, the Arcticor Cooler integrates cup holders, but unlike other cup holders, these come in contact with the slushy ice from the bottom of the cooler. So instead of a cool drink setting out in the sun getting warmer and warmer, it stays cool, allowing one to enjoy it at their own pace; no chugging required. Maybe timing is everything after all.