Apple's policy on Apple Multiple Scan 15 repairs

Apple's policy on Apple Multiple Scan 15 repairs

CNET staff
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We have previously reported on an unofficial "extended warranty" for Apple Multiple Scan 15 monitors exhibiting certain symptoms. Just recently, we received several emails suggesting that this unofficial policy is no longer in effect and asking what new information we might have on the subject. We have very little. However, Larry Kahan informed us of a posting on Apple's Tech Exchange that contained the following statement from Apple Support:
Apple is not obligated to repair this display without charge. As a goodwill gesture, however, Apple can offer you either the option of a paid repair, facilitated via our mail-in service [whatever that is exactly], or the option to purchase a new Multiple Scan 15AV display for a cost of $199.00.

Occasionally, on a case-by-case basis, Apple will incur repair costs when investigating potential issues with a product. At this time the Multiple Scan 15 display is no longer covered under warranty and does not qualify for free service. As stated in the terms and conditions of Apple's One Year Limited Warranty: we are obligated to service your product free of charge for one year starting at the date of purchase.


Several readers report that Apple still will repair these monitors for free (even though Apple officially says it will not). Decision is on a case-by-case basis. It depends on who you talk to you and how you describe the symptoms.

However, we also received this note: "I work for an Apple Authorized Service center. Apple previously had a repair extension program for the 15 inch multiple scan displays. The 'tint issue' defect is very distinctive, and if a monitor exhibited those symptoms we sent the monitor to Apple and Apple fixed it for free. Well after the 1-year warranty ran out on the monitor. Somebody brought a monitor in last Monday with the tint issue. When we called it in to Apple (we call it in - they send a shipping box) we were informed that the REA program for the Multiple Scan 15's had ended the previous Friday. We had no advance warning of this." The latest reply from Apple appears to support this.

As to what a "paid repair" is, John Mather writes: "When you contact Apple and if they decide to authorize the repair, they send you a prepaid (UPS) shipping carton for the monitor. You just pop in your monitor, minus the base, and call UPS for a pick up. My monitor returned in one week."