Apple offers new Portraits watch face feature for Apple Watch

The new feature makes subjects taken in photos in portrait mode really stand out on your Apple Watch.


Apple on Monday introduced the new Portraits watch face feature, which really makes faces in portrait-mode pictures pop when they're used as watch faces on the Apple Watch. 

Photos of people's faces taken in portrait mode are the most popular watch faces on the Apple Watch, Apple says. Now Apple Watch users will be able to add new depth with animation to make those faces stand out more. 

The new feature works with portrait photos you've taken with your iPhone and uses the segmentation data to create a multilayered face with depth. You can also adjust the photo's composition and the placement of the image to really make the subject stand out. 

In addition, Apple Photos on your watch has been improved to give you more options and help you more easily find the photos you're looking for from your wrist. 

Apple made the announcement at its Worldwide Developers Conference, which is being held entirely online for the second year in a row as the US begins to recover from the coronavirus pandemic. 

You can follow live coverage on CNET here.

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