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Apple lays off undisclosed number of workers

The company, which says its overall employment continues to grow, recently cut a small number of jobs.

Apple Computer has recently cut a small number of jobs, the company confirmed late Wednesday.

A company representative verified that the cuts had taken place but did not offer more details. Apple did note that its overall employment continues to grow.

Apple had 10,912 permanent employees as of last September, according to a December regulatory filing. It also had 2,654 temporary employees and contractors.

The company has had a series of small-scale job cuts and reorganizations in recent years, but has not had the widespread layoffs that occurred at rival computer makers.

Despite the occasional cuts, Apple's total work force has climbed as it has added workers to staff its growing network of stores. The company is set to open a new flagship store in San Francisco on Saturday.

Many of the company's cuts in recent years have come as part of efforts to reshuffle its education unit. The latest job cuts were reported earlier by Dow Jones Newswires.