Apple launches TD-LTE iPad Air, Mini for China

Both tablets support China's 4G TD-LTE standard and will be available today.

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Apple's iPad Air
Apple's iPad Air Josh Miller/CNET

If you're living in China and missing out on the 4G action on your iPad Air or Mini , the good news is that the TD-LTE models of both slates are now available.

Both the Air and Mini sport a different model number -- A1476 and A1491 -- and are meant to work on the China Mobile 4G network.

Both TD-LTE slates will be sold alongside current models in China (which are actually the global versions and will work with most LTE networks around the world). The 16GB model of the TD-LTE Air and Mini will have the same starting price of 4,488 yuan ($772) and 3,788 yuan ($610), respectively.

Outside of China, the TD-LTE Air and Mini will still be able to connect to 3G networks, but you likely won't be able to hop on a 4G network (unless it uses TD-LTE with the same bands). For those on a holiday in China and thinking of grabbing an Apple tablet to take home, be sure not to get the wrong model.