Apple is expanding its independent repairs program to include Macs

You soon could have more options for getting your Mac fixed.

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Eli Blumenthal

There soon may be more options to fix a broken Mac. 

Sarah Tew/CNET

Have a broken Mac? Apple is making it easier to get it fixed. On Monday the company revealed that it is expanding its repairs program to now support Macs at independent shops. 

The news is an expansion of the repairs program that Apple previously launched for iPhones last year, expanding the availability of repairs beyond Apple Stores or one of the company's Authorized Service Providers. 

"When a device needs repairs, we want people to have access to a safe and reliable solution -- this latest expansion joins the thousands of repair locations we've added over the past year," Jeff Williams, Apple's chief operating officer, said in a statement to Reuters

"We're looking forward to bringing that convenient and trustworthy repair experience to our Mac users."

Those looking to become independent repair shops can apply to sign up for the program, with admitted stores able to get free training as well as access to official manuals, diagnostic tools and the ability to buy proper parts to make their fixes. 

For users, the expansion should provide another useful option that could be particularly helpful if your Mac is out-of-warranty. 

Apple tells Reuters that since launching the US last fall, 140 businesses with a total of 700 locations had signed up for the iPhone repairs program. Last month the company announced that it had expanded the repairs program to include Canada and 32 countries in Europe.