Apple iPad sells two million in two months

Apple has released two million iPads into the wild in the two months since the much-hyped tablet went on sale

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Apple has punted a whopping 2 million iPads in the two months since the tablet went on sale. This despite numerous delays to the European release, with Apple's factories struggling to churn out enough of the much-hyped tablets to meet demand.

The iPad went on sale last Friday in Europe, Australia and Canada in a frenzy of excitement from the public -- and public-relations chancers. If you haven't laid down your readies yet, here's our take on the pricing and the best 3G tariffs.

Were you one of the faithful who queued outside your friendly neighbourhood Apple Store, or did you just nip into Curry's to bag your tablet? Let us know how your first weekend with the device went -- did you watch some Sky Mobile TV or BBC iPlayer?

If you opted for the version that comes without 3G, here's how to add 3G without shelling out to Apple. If you're bored of your iPad already, here's ten alternative uses that will void the warranty in style.