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Apple fixes Mac Mini video flicker with firmware update

Following reports of displays flickering, Apple has issued a firmware update to fix the problem.

Apple has released a firmware update that addresses a problem in which displays would flicker to black when used with the 2012 Mac Mini.

The problem, which we reported on in late November, was assumed to be related to one outlined by Intel involving its integrated HD 4000 graphics and a rumor arising from statements made by Intel representatives (which were later changed) that this was a driver-based issue that had been fixed and it would only be a matter of time for manufacturers like Apple to test and release updated drivers.

Rather than drivers, however, yesterday Apple issued an EFI firmware update for affected systems. The update is a small 4.53MB download that should be available through Software Update for relevant systems, but can also be downloaded from the Apple Support Web page and applied manually.

After the installation is complete, the Mac's firmware version should be 0106.03, which can be seen in the Hardware section of the System Information utility in OS X.

As always, be sure to back up your system before installing this or any other update. The update will require a restart when applied, and as it's a firmware update you should be sure the system is connected to a reliable power source and then follow all onscreen instructions carefully when installing.

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