Apple fixes bugs and implements iWork.com with iWork update

Apple has released an update to its iWork productivity suite that fixes a number of small bugs and also implements more features of Apple's iWork.com service.

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Apple has released an update to its popular iWork office and productivity suite. The update addresses bugs relating to managing and editing Keynote presentations, and also addresses some compatibility issues with EPUB document exports and Apple's iWork.com document-sharing and collaboration service.

The specific changes to the suite are as follows:

All iWork 9.0.5 applications

  1. Adds public sharing and private upload options for iWork.com public beta.

Keynote 5.0.5

  1. Allows playback of Keynote presentations on iWork.com, with over 15 animations and effects, when using the latest version of Safari.

  2. Addresses an issue with the Drop transition, Dissolve build, and shape colors.

  3. Addresses an issue with rulers.

  4. Adds support for Keynote Remote 1.2, including high-resolution slides for the Retina display.

Pages 4.0.5

  1. Improves the readability of exported EPUB documents.

iWork.com public beta

  1. Allows playback of Keynote presentations on the Web.

  2. When using the latest version of Safari, a number of transitions and builds are available, including Appear/Disappear, Magic Move, Cube, Dissolve, Drop, Flip, Motion Dissolve, Move in, Pivot, Pop, Push, Reveal, Scale, and Twirl.

  3. Other animations will display as Dissolve when using the latest version of Safari.

  4. Appear/Disappear animations will be used on non-Safari browsers and older versions of Safari.

  5. Dynamic, onscreen navigation controls are provided to control Web presentations.

  6. Keynote presentations can be embedded on Web sites and blogs using the embed code.

  7. Improves user experience of iWork.com on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

The update for iWork should be available via Software Update, but it also can be downloaded as a standalone updater from the iWork 9.0.5 update Web page. The standalone updater is 67.06MB, but the one from Software Update may vary in size depending on your computer's configuration.

As always, be sure to fully back up your system before applying the update. You might also consider allowing others to test the update before installing it, especially if your current installation is working fine and you heavily rely on it for your work. If you experience problems with this update, either during installation or after upgrading, please let us know by either e-mailing us or posting in the comments.

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