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AndaSeat Transformers Edition Review: Comfy Gaming Chair With a Hit of Nostalgia

Show your support for the Autobots or Decepticons while you game in comfort.

Optimus Prime 
Dan Ackerman

Many gaming chairs may look alike, but there's more than meets the eye with the AndaSeat Transformers Edition. This chair is great for both young gamers and nostalgic veterans like me. Based on the company's comfy Phantom series, the chair comes decorated with one of three Transformers: Bumblebee, Megatron and my favorite, Optimus Prime. 

Priced at $359, the chairs are made from premium PVC leather, have a wide seat base for larger gamers, and can support a weight of approximately 200 pounds. Full disclosure: I am over that, and the chair was fine during my use, with no creaking, and I never felt unsupported. I also love to rock in my chairs and was able to do that while not feeling uneasy or off balance. In addition, the chair goes low enough for smaller users' feet to reach the floor. 




The images on the backrest are vibrant, with the character name embroidered on the front of the base seat and the Autobot or Decepticon logo embroidered on the back of the chair.

The chair can recline to 160 degrees with the lift of a handle. If you want a chair to game, read and nap in, this is it. It has a wide base, too, with wheels large enough to make gliding around my office a breeze. The headrest is a medium-size, velvet-covered memory foam pillow that magnetically attaches to the chair. This means the pillow doesn't mess with the chair's aesthetics by mounting via a band, and there is less chance of it slipping off. There is also an extra-large velvet-covered lumbar pillow that also has the character on it. 

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It has adjustable armrests that move up and down and forward and back; however, the forward back does not lock. In addition to that, if you are a petite person with short arms, you may find the armrests somewhat uncomfortable because they don't pull inwards. 




Overall the chair offers really good support, and I could spend hours in it without any issues. It is on the firmer side, but in my experience, it should soften some with use.

It is a well-constructed chair, with or without a favorite classic TV show image plastered on the backrest, and the price isn't bad, either.

Joseph Kaminski