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An improvement on the mixer

It may seem like the hand mixer has reached its pinnacle, but Bosch has found a way to improve on it.

The Bosch MFQ4080 Hand Mixer
The Bosch MFQ4080 Hand Mixer

A hand mixer is a fairly basic appliance. You may have some choices between beaters, whisks and bread hooks, but all the options look pretty similar if you compare them among different companies. Bosch's new hand mixer, the MFQ4080, though, has added something new. Its whisk attachment incorporates small balls that can incorporate more air into whatever you're whisking, resulting in greater volume and finer results. Whether you're working with cream, egg whites, or souffles, the MFQ4080 can make a major difference in your cooking.

The MFQ4080 makes use of all of Bosch's standard hand mixer features, including a five-speed motor that runs unusually quietly. The 500-watt mixer can provide extra torque if you're using it on the turbo stage, as well. The MFQ4080 is lightweight and compact, keeping your hands from getting tired if you have quite a bit of mixing to do. The mixer comes with two sturdy dough hooks, as well as the whisks and has a cable storage system to make the whole mixer easy to store. The MFQ4080, along with Bosch's other new appliances, has an elegant, minimalist style. It is not yet available through Bosch's U.S. site but is available through the company's German site.