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An add-on for the blender

The Emerilware Blender with Mixing Funnel from T-Fal includes a popular accessory integrated right on the appliance.

Right where you need it.

Kitchen appliances rarely come ready to do your culinary bidding straight out of the box. Usually, some form of accessory or additional gadget is needed (and manufacturers are more than happy to supply you with). Usually the worst that happens in any well-stocked kitchen is a quick search through drawers and cabinets for an elusive tool, but sometimes, that much-needed tool goes unfound. This can result in a muttering chef wandering about the kitchen wondering why the manufacturer just didn't include such-and-such right on the machine. And then, sometimes, the manufacturers do.

The Emerilware Blender with Mixing Funnel from T-Fal integrates a useful funnel directly onto the blender. While not every use requires a funnel for blending, when it is needed it comes in handy. Just ask anyone who has tried to keep boiling water from splattering everywhere as they aim for the hole on top of the lid; sometimes a little help goes a long way.

Even if your aim is always true with blender-related mixes, the funnel doubling as a measuring cup is sure to be useful. As far as blending goes, the 500-watt blender houses a seven-speed motor and has a 50-ounce capacity, which are more of the type of things to expect from a blender. One that also helps to keep olive oil and other pourable ingredients off the floor just completes the package.