AG Neovo FotoVivo V10: Wireless photo frame

This brand-new photo frame from AG Neovo offers a high-quality 7-inch screen and a rechargeable battery, so you can pass it around at a party

Rory Reid
2 min read

We've been busy indulging in some pointless sentimentality as we tinker with a brand-new photo frame from AG Neovo. The FotoVivo V10 Digital Photo Frame, to give it its full handle, is most notable for the fact it can run wirelessly.

It packs an internal battery that charges to provide around an hour of use away from the mains. It may seem a bit pointless on a day-to-day basis, but it means you can pass it around a room to show off your snaps -- or in our case, tote it round the office to bother our colleagues with unbearably cute pictures of cats.

You'll probably hear as many oohs and aahs for the V10's design as you will for your pictures -- it looks stunning. The 7-inch 800x480-pixel screen is of a high quality and it has a set of touch-sensitive buttons around the frame, but these only become visible when you touch the front bezel. We also like the way the rear is moulded to form a stand so you can rest the V10 in landscape or portrait modes.

There's a healthy 128MB of internal memory to play with, plus a raft of memory card slots (CF, MD, SD, MMC, MS) to help you get your images straight off your camera and on your picture frame.

Unfortunately, there's no Bluetooth for wireless file transfers, and it can't detect which way up it's sitting, so it occasionally shows pictures in the wrong orientation. The FotoVivo V10 is available now for about £125. -Rory Reid