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Adidas joins smart watch race

Adidas has joined the smart watch race with a wearable fitness tracker that races ahead of the new Nike FuelBand SE.

Adidas has joined the smart watch race. Taking on the Samsung Galaxy Gear, the wearable Adidas fitness tracker and timepiece will arrive before the new Nike FuelBand SE -- and it does a whole lot more.

The Adidas smart watch boasts GPS to track your speed and distance as you walk, run, or stagger about on your exercise routine. It has a heart rate sensor to monitor your exertion, giving you feedback based on the data it records.

And it plays music to keep your blood pumping.

All this means the Adidas watch does a lot more than the new Nike FuelBand SE, a bracelet with a pedometer built in. Fitness fans were hoping for a heart monitor in the new FuelBand but were disappointed.

Of course, the extra features mean the Adidas watch is much more expensive: in the US it will cost around $400 -- twice the price of the FuelBand SE -- when it goes on sale on 1 November, which also happens to be sooner than the FuelBand's release date.

Smart watches are all the rage with rumours of Apple's iWatch kicking off a new generation of wearable technology, including Samsung's Gear.

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