Address Book: Unable to add, view contacts

Several users are experiencing an issue with Address Book where the application opens with no data and they are unable to add new entries to the database.

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Joe Aimonetti

Several users are reporting an issue with Address Book where the application opens with no data and they are unable to add new contact entries. This happens despite the fact that they have their contact information on MobileMe and have syncing enabled.

Apple Support Discussions user "Jared Olsen" reports:

"I recently opened Address Book and it seems to be broken. I've seen the topics about Smart Groups and I don't have those. Basically, I open Address Book and it shows up totally blank. I try to add a contact and nothing happens. Its as the the graphic interface is broken. I still have all of my contacts on my .Mac account. Oddly, even the Address Book Widget still works."

Users attempted several troubleshooting steps including deleting the Address Book cache files, reinstalling the Address Book application, and deleting the Address Book preference files. None of these have been reported to fix the issue. At this point, if you are experiencing this issue, try reinstalling the latest Mac OS X update (in this case, the 10.6.2 update) from the Combo Update package, available from Apple's Download site.

Once the update is finished installing, sync your MobileMe account (if you have it set up), and all your contacts should appear in your Address Book application.

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